Subject: "Sure, go ahead."
Posted on: 2016-02-05 12:45:43 UTC

"T'ain't no charge for sitting." Morgan shuffled her chair to the side to make sure the Aviator had room.

"So," she said. "I picked up on... some of what was going on with you back in the Arena." She tapped the side of her head, remembering the psychic ripples that had been pouring off the Aviator in her last couple of days in the Game. "I know we're not exactly chums, but if you want to talk about it with someone who was in there too..."

She looked up and accepted her drink from Kaitlyn with a nod of thanks. "Or if you just want a drink," she said, taking a sip of it. "Nutmeg TV are paying. I'm not sure they know they're paying, but gun, etc."

((D'aww, she's putting on a not-a-misery face for Ave. Thaaaat won't last. ~hS))

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