Subject: ((OOC: Have you considered some manner of shock collar? =] ))
Posted on: 2016-02-09 14:55:16 UTC

"Ach, ja, I am fully recovered from mein untimely demisemmphl." The Doktor's words were promptly muffled as he wrapped himself up in the neon pink towel, winding it around himself with a noise like a backfiring washing machine. "Ah, zat ist beink much better. Und you, Kaitlyn, performed exceptionally vell. Zhere are zhose who vould be makink zer unkind remarks about your affection for your fellow Hobbit, und I am of zer firmest belief zat zuch people have learnt ze error of zheir vays! Echt klasse!"

The Qwilfish bounced towards Kaitlyn, joyous in the anticipation of more hugs. He was a contact-y sort of person, which might perhaps have been the most remarkable thing about a Qwilfish but in this instance didn't even crack the top ten.

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