Subject: "Ach, nein, I am not beink zo skilled vizz manual dexterity."
Posted on: 2016-02-08 16:55:12 UTC

"However, zere ist an Ambipom in DoSAT who owed me ein leetle favour, und zis vas it! I am likink it very much!" The Doktor took a drink from the Tequila Sunrise he was floating in and sighed contentedly. "As for zer tournament, vell, if I vas sad about zer incident vizz zer umbrellas I vould not be havink one in mein cocktail!"

He paused, momentarily deep in thought. "Mein freund, zere should be ein large beach towel in zer leetle box on zer back. If you vould be so good as to fetch it? I vill dry mein self off und ve can embrace like zer friends ve are! If, er, if you are beink amenable to such things, zat ist to say." The Doktor went pink at this.

Well, more pink than usual.

Which was actually rather difficult, come to that.

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