Subject: While the conversation enfolded, Marina arrived with two coffeepots on a platter at Richard's table.
Posted on: 2016-02-07 20:00:51 UTC

"Seems you were right, the people who organized this mess are paying. And this idea makes me pretty hungry. But are you sure about this coffee? Because they said to me it's diluted." "Aboslutely certain. I already tried it several times, and a cup of the 'pure' version can incapacitates normal people for three days," Richard said. He then turned his hand at the people from te other table. "These are Sergio Turbo, Nikki Cherryfloower and Corolla, ex-Floaters, and the two other people are our ex-district comrades, Henry Asclepe and Aiko Kimura, Floaters too." "Greetings," Marina said, her head sightly bowing, "Nice to meet you. And congratulations to Mister Death-By-Chivalry for his performance."

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