Subject: "Not surprising, really."
Posted on: 2016-02-08 13:49:49 UTC

Lola took his hand, got to her feet, and knocked back her cocktail in a swift and obviously practiced motion. "I... wasn't technically from the primary XCOM universe. My homefic was a Mega Crossover and to this day I have no idea how many canons were involved in it. DIC's refusing to touch it with a barge pole. Let's just say that we had Minerva McGonagall instructing the psionics trainees and our best Assault trooper was Buffy the friggin' Vampire Slayer. We won in the end, though, and that's what matters - hey, random change of subject were you from a 'verse with Long War's rules? Because that was brutal."

She smiled. "Lola McCandless, DIA. My partner Algie's the guy trying to beat his memories of being blown up into submission. Normally he sticks to port, but he's from Regency England, they drank like half a dozen Irish stereotypes on a stag weekend in Prague. Don't think I ran into you during the Games, which is a shame. Would've been nice to meet someone else from the Com there, but better late than never, right?"

Algie was content to offer a genial handshake to both of the James Pittmans, or possibly Pittmen, he could see.

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