Subject: There was a peculiar noise, unpleasantly like your parents' bedsprings.
Posted on: 2016-02-08 14:07:31 UTC

An enormous rattletrap conveyance juddered through the party at Rudi's. It looked like nothing so much as a small, fractal electricity pylon growing out of a digger chassis, and a small orangey-red ball was perched precariously on top at about head height. As it got closer to Not-Really-All-That-Much-Of-A-Team Huinesoronot-Appearing-In-This-Game (which was a bit of a mouthful even by German standards), it became clear that the ball on the top was a bowl. With a pink thing floating in it. Looking very, very happy.

This probably had something to do with the overpowering smell of Tequila Sunrise coming from the bowl, as well as the dinky little cocktail umbrella poking from the top.

"Kaitlyn! Agent Kaitlyn! Ach ja, it ist beink most excellent to see you again, mein Freund!"

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