Subject: ((I dunno, I think she's had enough mushrooms that she wouldn't even notice.))
Posted on: 2016-02-09 16:24:14 UTC

Kaitlyn gave the Doktor an enthusiastic (but careful) glomp. "Wow, it is absolutely super good to see you again. Also!" She held up one finger in her best 'Aha!' pose. "Ahem: squee! You thought I was actually a Hobbit! That is literally the best news I've had since... um..."

She glanced over her shoulder at where her partner still sat, talking quietly with Dafydd. "Sel-ene!" Kaitlyn called. "What was the last best news I had?"

"Hmm?" The vampire looked up. "It wasn't the office chair, was it?"

Kaitlyn giggled. "No, I know I got a DCPS mission after the chair that went on the list."

"Oh, yes, I remember." Selene sipped at her drink. "That Hypatia was busy and couldn't come to Nita's party?"

"That's the one! Thanks!" Kaitlyn returned her attention to hugging the Quilfish. "That is literally the best news I've had since-" She stopped and lowered her voice slightly. "Well, you heard. I probably shouldn't be rude about people."

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