Subject: At a corner table, some heavy-duty drinking was going on.
Posted on: 2016-02-05 11:23:03 UTC

"And we were supposed to be a team," Morgan lamented, glowering at her drink. "But what happens? She -" She waved a hand in Selene's direction " - nicked my stuff, and when I teamed up with you, you got me killed against..." She looked around the bar. "Well, wherever she is. Lo-la." The last word came out in an off-key singsong voice.

Dafydd winced at the sound. "I don't know about that 'team' stuff," he said, ignoring his own (first) drink. "Agent Kaitlyn raided my belongings at least once. And then killed me."

"Heck yeah I did!" Kaitlyn called from the other side of the table. It was only three feet away, but that didn't dampen her enthusiasm. "Elf versus hobbit? Hobbit wins, pants down! Er, hands. Don't want to give Lux ideas."

Dafydd raised an eyebrow and turned it on Selene, as if to say, THIS is your partner?

The vampire shrugged and drained her glass. "We may have been a district," she said, "but that didn't make us a team. There can only be one winner, after all." She chuckled dryly, tried to take a drink, and blinked at her glass in confusion. "And the member of District Huinesoron's-Not-In-This who came closest was the wannabe Hobbit. Who saw that coming? I need another drink."

"Me too," Morgan sighed, pushing her glass around the table. "Or three."

"No, me three." Kaitlyn hopped out of her seat and grabbed their glasses. "Backinasec!"


((I'm starting them all off in the same place. Feel free to peel one or more of them off, join the table, grab them when they wander off, or anything of the kind.))


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