Subject: "Could you wait here to get the coffee pots, Marina?"
Posted on: 2016-02-05 17:47:28 UTC

"If we are to get a meal, I think I should go check for a table now," Richard said. "And don't try them immediately, please. Flander's Company's coffee is... special."

"Understood. we'll see that once it served though," Marina said, "And it better to be really strong. And black"

"Don't think you'll be disappointed," Richard said. He then began looking for table who weren't occupied or didn't looked like they were reserved. First one he found was next to a small group of people who seemed to be getting off fairly well. At closer inspection, one of them looked like the 'newbie' who had lasted so long in the Arena.

"Uhm, sorry to disturb you, everyone. Are you expecting anyone who would use this table?"

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