Subject: "Crystals, eh?"
Posted on: 2016-02-08 18:34:36 UTC

"Sorry kid, can't help you there. If I's slightly better at transfiguration I'd give it a shot but... yeah. Maybe someone in your department would know a thing or two 'bout crystals-- I'm sure there are two or three high-tech aliens in there that used stuff like that in their home continuums." The wizard looked ariund the pub. "Uh... Hang on, there was a thing that came to mind... what was it...? Oh! Right! Interns." He pointed at the bar counter. "See that miserable-lookin' guy over there? He actually failed the DoSAT entry test! Ended up going to a coupla diff'rent departments before ending up in DoI. It's kinda hilarious, really. Nothing ever goes his way-- and he ain't jinxed either! At first, I was sure that 'ee had some curse hangin' over his head but no-- nothin'!"

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