Subject: The Aviator wandered into Rudi's...
Posted on: 2016-02-05 12:33:58 UTC

...thinking of repleneshing her usual stock and possibly staying for a drink or two. She'd apparently not been paying attention when Zeb and Alex had said where they were going, because a party was the last thing she'd been expecting to see.

She looked around, saw Zeb and Alex talking energetically at their own table, and decided she didn't want to talk to them at the moment. She looked around, spotted Morgan at one of the tables, and wandered over.

"'lo," she said, stopping by her. She gave Dafydd and Selene a brief, albeit respectful, nod. She figured the sods got enough people fawning over them as it was; no sense in making a fuss. "Mind if I sit here?" the Aviator continued, mostly addressing Morgan.

(I think it's about time I snag you for an RP. :P)

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