Subject: Derik and Gall entered together.
Posted on: 2016-02-05 17:26:23 UTC

They had gotten themselves cleaned up for the ceremony. It seemed the thing to do, and according to Gall, it was important not to show weakness to the enemy even in defeat. After a good night's sleep and a shave, with his hair tied back in a short ponytail, Derik looked almost handsome, at least from one side. Gall had left her helmet at home, but her armor was polished to a high gloss, and she'd taken the time to braid her hair more elaborately than usual.

They went first to the bar. They had priorities, after all.

Gall thumped the bar top with a begreaved fist. "A tankard of your finest mead, sir!" she called out. "For tonight, we feast!"

Rudi, by this time accustomed to her antics, rolled his eyes. "And you, Derik?"

"Redbreast, the twelve-year, please."

"Coming right up."

They watched Aya and Kuroko announce Lola's name, and their drinks arrived.

"Excellent!" said Gall. "Now then..." she looked around. "Aha, there's Gremlin. I'm gonna go hang. See ya!"

She bounded over to the booth, as much as one can bound in a crowded room while trying not to spill one's drink. "Hey, lady! 'Sup?"

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