Subject: "It vas nothink, mein Freund."
Posted on: 2016-02-09 19:03:18 UTC

"If zer Hobbit ist ein species vizz vhich you are havink ein special und particular kinship, zhen who am I to tell you uzzervize? It vould only be beink discourteous for zer sake of it, und zat ist not how I am rollink, as zer Leetle Cup-tiers say zese days. Besides, if you are sayink zer uncomplimentary things about ein fellow agent, vell, you are zer person who ist knowink zem. I can hardly qwibble vizz your assessments."

The Doktor nestled closer into Kaitlyn's embrace, careful not to let his qwills prick her through the thick towel. He was exceptionally content, even by his standards, and wondered aloud if Kaitlyn would like to come to RC 347 and meet his partner one of these days. She was, after all, extremely fluffy.

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