Subject: Marina shrugged.
Posted on: 2016-02-09 13:56:31 UTC

"I guess it always could have been worse. Like I said, death came pretty close, and my original plan didn't ensure that I would survive, so there's always that," she said. "And I guess from the way you say 'bleepfic' that I was also lucky for our first mission. It involved my universe, and the worst thing which happened was me hexing my partner's material, but we did work around it at the end."

"That, and my MP3," Richard said as he handed her one cup of coffee, before adding pure cocoa to his own cup. "But yes, it mainly involved breaking the basic rules from the Dresenverse and bad shipping. The most difficult part was killing three Suvian goblins, but I found a pretty fitting way to kill them."

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