Subject: "Well, yes."
Posted on: 2016-02-06 12:19:22 UTC

"There was a bit of mess involving the Madoka Magica continuum, and in the end when everything went into place we kinda ended up with Madoka and Homura being cloned." Sergio explained.

"The way how it happened is rather complicated, actually," Corolla said, "We still haven't understood it fully. Nevertheless, the Flowers weren't that happy about that. That's why I ended up in DoSAT, actually."

"And I wasn't so happy about how the Sunflower treated us for letting that happen - like we could have done something about it - and for how we dealt with the whole incident. That's one of the reasons why I handed in my flash patch." Sergio continued.

"Besides, the two of us really wanted a chance at a normal life, just like Kuroko herself did - and obviously Aya followed her," Nikki completed, "though we remained in contact with Corolla and other people inside, and aside from a little mess Sergio made with a mail he shouldn't have sent we managed to remain in decent terms with the Flowers."

Sergio facepalmed. "Can we please forget about that?"

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