Subject: "Can you tell me any reason to go here?"
Posted on: 2016-02-05 16:32:50 UTC

"Because I'm pretty sure we didn't earn any price, and I'm not exactly sure why we should go meddling with people who were trying to kill us. Even if it was for a brief time and during a simulation," Marina said to her partner while there were going to the bar.

"I said I had to show you Rudi's someday, remember? Besides, it could be interesting to know more about these people without being worried about violence, right?" Richard said.

"Maybe. And I guess we could work with some of them too, if I got this right. Do they have good coffee here?"

"The very best. And who knows? Since they organise this event, maybe these two psychos are the one paying. If they are, I'll make sure to go for a meal too"

"It would be pretty neat," Marina said once they were seated to the bar. And if they don't... Well I could change my choice of test subject for this potion the the Luxray helped me to discover, she thought.

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