Subject: Marina slightly twitched at Aiko's statement.
Posted on: 2016-02-07 22:59:46 UTC

"Yes, 'Single Tears'. I snatched a canteen from this Luxray," she said, pointing at Zeb, "Never thought he would keep that stuff inside." She shuddered, "I already saw people who were victims of mental attacks before, but drinking liquid despair... It makes up for a decent tie-in, though. I'm a 'Dresden Files' wizard, and my appartment and the office where I worked as a 'consultant' for the police were burned down by Fomors, who tracked me until I took a pretty crazy risk and ended up in this place. And if that Marquis was right about this 'uncertain canon status', I'm not even sure to see my family and my master again. Although I guess that I'm not the only one here with this sort of problem."

She then turned to more or less face Henry. "Hope for you that was only because of this wonderful simulation, because second place and shaky sanity kill. Very fast."

Richard carefully remained silent, busying himself pouring cups of coffee.

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