Subject: As Henry and Aiko walked into Rudi's ...
Posted on: 2016-02-05 14:01:50 UTC

The former Digidestined spoke to her partner, " You did pretty well in there, Henry. Second place and the same number of eliminations as the champion? That was impressive, specially considering that we are just newbies around here." Suddenly, Aiko started to look a bit down. " I wish I could have done better. Fighting with a Flower over something and accepting "water" after the Arena was flooded weren't my brightest ideas. Should have realized that they would throw something like SIngle Tears in there."

Henry comfortly put his hand on his partner's shoulder and spoke sympathetically, " Hey, most of that wasn't your fault. I mean, maybe you shouldn't have stayed at the Cornucopia and fought with Captain Dandy, but there's no way you could have know the rest of that stuff. There's pretty of crazy, unpredicable stuff in the Hunger Games in canon, so don't sweat it. And from what you said, that Selene woman sounded way too convincing, right? "

Aiko smiled warmly in gratitude to her partner. " Thanks, Henry. So what do you wanna? Do you want to go find us a table? " Henry smiled in returned and responded, " Don't mention it. And well, I kinda want to find Sergio and his partner first. I'm not happy how things went with them inside that thing. I know that killing each other was the whole point of this, which is why I'm glad we didn't end up fighting each other, and those deaths were obviously just simulated, but I really didn't want to end up fighting either of them. So I feel I gotta say something to them." With that said, Henry started to look around the room to see if Sergio and his partners were already there.

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