Subject: Temporal synchronisation post to split off Morgan's subthread properly.
Posted on: 2016-02-05 12:51:07 UTC

Kaitlyn practically skipped back to the table with the three glasses, handed one to Morgan - who was shallow in conversation* with the Aviator - and slid the second across the table to Selene. "Just the way you like it!"

"Great." Selene sighed and cocked her head at Dafydd. "So I never got to ask that night - what brought you back for this?"

"She thinks it was her," Kaitlyn confided in a loud voice. "She thinks you're desperate to see her, just li-mmf mmf mmf!"

Selene removed her hand from her partner's mouth. "That is not an accurate summary of what I said."

Dafydd chuckled. "Well, I admit it has been a while since we got together-"

"Has not," Kaitlyn muttered. "I've seen the footage of you two snuggling."

"-but I'm actually here because I traded favours with Undis Closed." Dafydd glanced around, then leant over and whispered something in Selene's ear.

The vampire's eyes widened. "How'd you swing that?"

((Just general chat to get Kaitlyn to the right place. ~hS))

*Like deep in conversation, but less so.

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