Subject: The Ironic Overpower was more than happy to oblige.
Posted on: 2016-10-24 14:11:37 UTC

The two agents hit a junction with a conveniently placed mirror.

Floating above the mob of monsters was some sort of very tall, although gaunt for its size, humanoid monster. It wore a tatterred trenchcoat with traces of blood on it, and chains were rattling around it. It also looked like it hadn't feet, or legs, for that matter. It had gloved hand which looked like they were dripping blood which were holding what looked like revolvers, but these weapons had the size of rifles. On its head was a paperbag with a grin painted where the mouth would be, and one opening for a red right eye looking like a gunshot, with traces of dried blood.

The other ways forwards were left and right.

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