Subject: "Down!"
Posted on: 2016-10-17 00:18:50 UTC

The DIA agents reflexively ducked and turned away from the swarm. Fortunately for the quarian, her suit's kinetic barriers stopped the high-velocity snakes from reaching her; her partner was not as lucky. He took the full brunt of the swarm to the side and was thrown off the cart into the writhing mass of snakes below, where he was swept away by the living tide.

"Emiran!" Naya shouted as she unclipped a incendiary grenade from her belt. She threw the grenade 'upstream', torching the oncoming tide and thinning out the flow of snakes. She then hopped off the cart and ran after her partner, drawing her sidearm as she gave chase. "Right, you two jokers are in for it now," she said to nobody in particular.

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