Subject: The DIA agents looked at each other.
Posted on: 2016-10-18 14:19:42 UTC

"Well, what if we don't—"

"Emiran, shut up for once in your life and just focus," hissed Naya, racking the slide on her Carnifex and taking up a position against the far wall.

"Fine," grumbled the Time Lord, checking the power indicator on his pistol and sidling up to his side of the corridor. "Let's just walk into the blindingly obvious trap set by a crappy Saturday morning cartoon Suvian villain. Gods, sometimes I wish I could decide to retire already and do something normal with my life."

"But then you'd miss Terabyte and me," said Naya. "Seriously. Retiring sets you back quite a bit."

"Point taken," said the Guardsman, grinning as he slowly moved up the corridor. Naya kept up with his advance, pistol at the ready, carefully watching the corridor for movement.

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