Subject: "Ooh, cardio!"
Posted on: 2016-10-17 02:13:41 UTC

"Any opportunity to do cardio is a good opportunity. So, do we run towards or away from the spooky noises?" said the Guardsman as he checked the safety on his pistol and aimed it down the corridor towards the source of the noise. "Also, do we take the cart or...?"

"What do you think, genius?" said Naya as she sprinted away from the noise. As she ran, she set a few sticky bombs to the floor and walls in preparation for the bigger-sounding nasties. "I've got our front covered— you blast things that pop out of the side, okay?"

"Will do!" said the Guardsman cheerfully as he fell into pace a few metres behind his partner, pistol at the ready. "Snap shooting, ready to rock!"

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