Subject: "Right, I've had about enough of this," said the Guardsman.
Posted on: 2016-10-18 02:26:15 UTC

He pulled out his portal generator and opened a portal— and a massive one at that. A portal nearly as long as the corridor itself opened overhead, letting a howling, frigid arctic air screech through. The temperature in the hallway dipped by tens of degrees in the time it took for someone to say 'you wouldn't happen to have a spare jacket on you?'

The four DIA agents hastily used their disguise generators to acquire nice thick parkas before looking at the rather pitiful carpet of snakes that had slowed to a standstill. "Well, that's that," said Becker. "Just, er, what now?"

The other three agents drew their sidearms and began blasting away at the larger snakes in the group. "Do you really have to ask?" said Naya.

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