Subject: Once more, a howl of rage echoed through the corridor.
Posted on: 2016-10-17 01:12:13 UTC

"YOU BASTARDS! YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE OUR WRATH! DIE, YOU WORTHLESS HUMANOIDS, DIE! GET THEM, CHILDREN!" More of the tiny snakes leaped for Naya and the Guardsman. After a moment of silence, the second voice spoke in a softer tone.

"My dearest," it said. "It seems to me that these humanoids are better prepared than we thought. Perhaps we should give them a taste of our true power?" The first voice laughed its hideous laugh again.

"My sweet, I would say that you are a genius. Let us personally make them suffer for the deaths of so many of our young ones." Another slithering sound came from down the hallway, but the creatures that made this sound had to be far larger than the swarm of snakes still attacking the agents.

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