Subject: "Yup, cheap horror show, starting at nine, right on time."
Posted on: 2016-10-16 18:32:52 UTC

The Guardsman sighed. "Well, onwards. Intensive Care needs us, wot."

Naya, considerably less nonchalant about the situation, looked around and tried to determine the source of the noise. "Shouldn't we be worried about that slithering sound?" she asked, reaching for her Carnifex pistol on her hip holster.

"Not especially," said the Guardsman. "Big whoop, someone hijacked the PA system and is currently playing around with the sprinkler system. It's just going to cause a bigger mess for the poor guys in Building Maintenance. Still..." The Time Lord reached down and unbuttoned the clasp on his staser pistol's holster. "Better safe than sorry."

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