Subject: “Should’ve seen that one coming,” Jack said with a shrug.
Posted on: 2016-10-24 12:43:52 UTC

“Any ideas?”

“Well,” the Detective said calmly, though he had to raise his voice over the rattling of the chains. “Totally unaffected by gunshots, and probably rather irritated that we’ve tried it to find out.”

“Those don’t sound like ideas, D!” said Jack, slowly stepping back and away from the shadows.

“Well, they do in fact add up to one inescapable conclusion, Jack, if you could be bothered to think it through.”

“Yeah, and what’s that?” demanded Jack, aiming his thoroughly useless pistol. Some people had safety blankets. . .

“LEG IT!” shouted the Detective, and together they sprinted through the corridor ahead.

“Any ideas what these are?!” shouted Jack.

“Not a one,” the Detective returned, jumping over one of the shadowy blobs. Aware he was still in his medical gown under that coat, the Detective glared at the blob to keep it from looking up.

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