Subject: "Yeah, no, forget that."
Posted on: 2016-10-17 02:55:02 UTC

"How much further until the checkpoint?" said Naya as she glanced over her shoulder. "I don't think I an run any more—"

"Hey, up ahead! HEY GUYS, WE NEED SOME FIRE SUPPORT!" yelled the Guardsman, waving his arms. "GOT A TIDE OF SNAKES AND WE NEED PEST CONTROL!"

The DIA officers manning the checkpoint first glanced at the two agents, then at the massive surge of snakes, then back at the two runners. The quicker one of the two grabbed his own incendiary grenade and hurled it past Naya and the Guardsman while the other scrambled to his feet and hefted his sword. "What—"

Quarian and Time Lord vaulted over the crude barricade and settled in beside their colleagues. "Not much to be said. Ran up against killer snake entities," said the Guardsman as he started firing into the crowd of snakes. "Apparently they want us to become their servants or some nonsense like that. Not gonna happen, not on my watch. Nope. Zilch. Nada. Nyet."

"Have either of you seen agents yet?" asked Naya as she passed grenades to the rest of the group.

"Quite a few, actually," said the taller of the checkpoint guards. "We directed them to the exit— Townsend confirmed their arrival over encrypted comms and we had an actual, physical runner confirm the news. We're just thankful that the Things can't override our radio— imagine the mess if they could override our comms."

Naya promptly facepalmed. "Okay, so you jinxed us. Thanks for that, Becker."


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