Subject: 'Whoa, whoa!'
Posted on: 2016-10-17 22:13:02 UTC

'What do they teach you kiddies these days, huh?' The spider backed off slightly. 'Those things are hooooorible, bud. They'd rip a big spider like me right down the middle. They'd rip you, too, bud.'

'Now, listen. Hear me out. It's reasonable. I'm reasonable, bud, believe me.' It looked from Apecian to Michael. 'I don't need much. Not much at all.' I just need a little thingy.'

It started steadily approaching, again.

'A face. Not my filthy, Jurassic one. A real one. A - a human one, fleshy and warm and squishy and moist and evolved. That's all I want. Just one little face. One little evolved face.'

It rubbed its pedipalps together and twitched.

'That's not unreasonable, huh, bud?'

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