Subject: Both agents landed spread eagled on the floor. . .
Posted on: 2016-10-19 20:49:03 UTC

“Bang up job spotting the angel, Jack! Really spectacular! I thought hunters were supposed to be observant!” shouted the Detective, facedown on the floor.

Jack rolled his eyes. “Nah, I spotted him, I just thought I’d let him be a surprise!” he said, making spirit fingers. He hadn’t gotten up first, so, to any observer, he appeared to be making snow angels with deformed wings.

The Detective grunted, shifting to his feet and picking his glasses back up off the floor. “Where are we, anyway?” he asked, wiping the specs on his shirt.

“No idea,” said Jack, climbing slowly to his feet. “Angels send you back to the past to feed on the potential energy of an unlived time stream. But if the PPC ever looked like this, I was away for it.”

Filing away the suggestion of a past prolonged absence on the part of his partner, the Detective rolled his eyes. “I think we’ve already covered that this probably isn’t an angel. At least not a subspecies I’ve heard of. They don't operate this way, and they don't teleport into hallways, for a start. Plus, we met that first one totally out of the blue," he said, also climbing to his feet and taking in his surroundings. "No. . . Not Angels."

We’ve been transported somewhere entirely different by not-Weeping Angels that are pretending to be angels. Spooky. So probably something designed to scare us. And transported somewhere, mind, with a horrible standard of general maintenance. Also. . .” he scanned the area with his screwdriver, “energy charged red liquid. Method of power conduction? Flooding of the electrical systems? Vaporization of the liquid could result in the atmosphere, providing a tolerable atmosphere for whatever those moving things are. Might even be toxic to either of us. . .” he murmured absently.

The Detective looked around the room- some place he didn’t understand, or expect in the slightest.

“Interesting. . .” he said with a grin.

"Maybe," said Jack, squinting. "But we still need to find our way back."

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