Subject: The Detective turned to stare at the statue.
Posted on: 2016-10-19 17:38:27 UTC

While he couldn't quite see it, the Angel couldn't be certain of this- or, at least, that's what he was banking on.

Still keeping both eyes on the statue, the Detective fumbled in his coat pocket for his sonic screwdriver. The room took on a green cast as the Detective activated it, pointing it at the flashlight. He could use the sonic waves to generate some flow of electricity, keeping the bulb glowing. He knew he had to keep the bulb dim in case it went out again- that way his night vision wouldn't be completely shot. While he still had the advantage of the reflection, the Detective backed away toward the door, keeping his screwdriver aimed at the torch.

Fumbling for the knob from behind, he wrenched the door open and flung himself through, slamming the door and hearing something BANG against the metal from the other side. He switched the settings of the screwdriver, and cold-welded the lock shut, turning to face Jack, gasping out, "I think we should go- that door won't hold it for long."

"Yeah, but what did you do?" Jack asked. He was standing, arms crossed, out in the hallway.

"I'll explain later!" the Detective unwittingly quoted, fear making his voice much deeper as they ran through the red-tinted halls.

They should've been headed toward the exit.

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