Subject: Naya and the Guardsman glanced at each other.
Posted on: 2016-10-16 19:28:36 UTC

"We just went full meta," said the latter.

"Yeah, never go full meta!" said Naya up at the ceiling. "Also, if this is supposed to be a spooky ride, can we actually get something spooky? Misplaced snakes and loud voices over the PA isn't exactly terror-inducing. I've had worse days on the job, y'know."

"Yeah, completely amateurish."

"Totally, yeah."

"Hey, didn't you guys say that there was a bigger thing coming up?" said the Guardsman. "Show us the big thingy! C'mon, do it for us!"

"Yeah! As the game masters, we deserve the right to be spooked!"

"Spook us!"

"Yeah, spook us!"

((They're a tough crowd.))

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