Subject: He saw...
Posted on: 2016-10-16 16:57:02 UTC

...a large room that was most definitely not the examination room that the Nurse and his partner were in a few moments ago. It appears to be a large warehouse-like space lined with large shelves laden with bulging packages. There's some lighting in the room— large neon strips near the ceiling fill the room with a frigid, flat white light.

Straight ahead, there is a door much like the one leading to the examination room. Screaming sounds can be heard behind it.

Figures are moving in between the shelving units... maybe. It could be your imagination, however.

Far to the left, there is a man slumped against the wall. He's dressed in medical scrubs and doesn't appear to be conscious.

Bonus things to add in the response:

a) opening a package.

b) investigating the movement.

c) approaching the man.

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