Subject: "This is so dumb," said Naya.
Posted on: 2016-10-17 14:05:48 UTC

"We asked for 'spookiness' and not for 'fight for your life. I thought this was supposed to be a cheap horror setup."

"I'm sorry, what?" said Agent Becker as he peeped over the barricade. "Do you guys know something?"

"Only that we're being chased after by this weird entity that is trying to kill or assimilate us into the Borg consciousness or something!" said the Guardsman in a maniacally happy tone. "Said something about us being the 'game masters' or something of the sort. Well, I say that I want more spooky and less kill-y. Is that possible or...?"

Naya looked at her partner. Though her face was obstructed by an opaque visor, the Time Lord knew she had just rolled her eyes at him. "Are you seriously making demands to the Suvian whatchamacallit that's hunting us right now?"

"Well, it's worth a shot, innit? 'sides, you just said something about this being a cheap horror setup."

"...fine., point taken."

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