Subject: Two DIA officers walked along the hallway.
Posted on: 2016-10-16 18:11:48 UTC

“Well, off to the ICU we go!” said the Guardsman cheerfully as he pushed the hovercart laden with supplies forward. “And we’d better make it quick, too. Dunno if those guys over there are in trouble.”

“Well, that’s what that generator on the cart is for, right?” said Naya as she looked behind her at the cargo in question being pushed around by her partner. “Yeah. Let’s just hurry, all right? This place gives me the creeps.” The quarian stepped to the side and planted a miniature floodlight on the floor, then stepped back towards the trolley to grab another. “What that Security Weed said in the lobby wasn’t exactly reassuring either. People reporting strange incidents or visions or new rooms. Is this some sort of airborne hallucinogen?”

The Guardsman’s particular facial expression was hard to guess behind his gas mask, but the shrug of his shoulders said all. “I blame the new architecture on the plothole. We both saw that abattoir, right? Medical might’ve landed on top of some location and blended with it. As for the visions… well, this just makes this situation look like a cheap horror movie. No idea about hallucinogens, but the air tests from the outpost back in the lobby come back clean. Not taking any chances, though. By the gods, shame on me if I'm ever going to forget putting on a gas mask after last week's incident.”

“Well, good thing you've remembered to put it on, then,” grumbled Naya as she placed another floodlight on the floor. “Now I’m just waiting for the eventual jumpscare. I mean, look at this place. Long grey hallway, darkness ahead, semi-darkness behind us, doors on all sides.”

"Thanks for jinxing us."

"You're welcome."

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