Subject: "Woah!"
Posted on: 2016-10-17 13:59:58 UTC

The man waved his arms even faster. "Look out, you've got some evil magic chains around you now!"

The two DIS Weeds wheeled around to look at the woman.

"Is she one of them?" asked Weed-Thirteen to its colleague.

"No idea," replied Weed-Seventy. "Just... be cautious."

"Well, she's about to get murderlized by the magic chains there," said the man in the power armour. "Sh-shouldn't we do something?"

A scream from the left briefly distracted the agents manning the checkpoint. Weed-Seventy waved in the direction of the noise. "De Grasse, Tacitus, go and investigate that."


"We can deal with this. Go and see if it's someone who needs help."

Gaspard looked from the Weeds to the woman and then back at the Weeds. If they wanted to deal with that, they could go on right ahead, he figured. "A-aye, sir. C-come on, T-Tacitus. Let's back away from the oncoming bloodbath."

The Zorua didn't need to be told twice— he practically bolted away from the checkpoint as soon as he could.

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