Subject: The PA system crackled, and then a cool, feminine voice rang out over it.
Posted on: 2016-10-17 18:14:29 UTC

"You have asked for horror, and they have asked for help. Your wishes shall be granted." The world twisted and spun around the agents before shattering into a million pieces. It hung like that for a moment, shards of the images they had last seen scattered across a vast, empty space, before the world suddenly put itself together. When it did, the agents were in an empty white corridor, lit by little red lights on the ceiling.

The PA system started once more, and the voice commanded, "Hunt them or escape, as your roles dictate. I expect to be compensated for my troubles when this is over."

"We know," one of the reptilian voices called. "We will give you what you ask. Now, dearest, shall we hunt?"

"We shall," answered the other. The slithering began anew.

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