Subject: "For the Gods' sake, OW!"
Posted on: 2016-10-17 01:00:01 UTC

The Guardsman managed to find his footing and stood up, throwing off the snakes as he rattled off a steady stream of swear words in Gallifreyan. He managed to crush the last few under his boots as Naya turned the corner and caught up to him. He groggily held up a hand and tried to shoo her away. "P-poisoned. F-feeling off, get b-back f-f-for a m-minute here..."

"Your medkit, idiot!" shouted Naya as she skid to a halt. "You've got cure-all antidote in there!"

"R-r-right." The Guardsman clumsily reached into his holster and fumbled with his staser pistol. "J-just gonna sh-shoot it u-up..." He looked at his hand. This wasn't what he was aiming for. Out of its own accord, his hand tightened around the pistol's grip and pulled it out of the holster. "W-wait! N-Naya, get cl-clear!"

"Crap." Naya ducked into a nearby alcove as a staser bolt missed her by a few centimetres. She swore profusely as she fumbled with her own medkit and pulled out the antidode injector pen. Did she really have to do everything around here?

The Guardsman's vision was blurring and he felt uncomfortably hot. He tried to fight the influence that was causing him to take step after step towards his partner all while loosing a few shots in her direction. After what felt like an eternity, he saw a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye. He fought as hard as he could against the urge to turn around and succeeded in managing to freeze on the spot.

Never was he more relieved to see Naya drop her tactical cloak and slam the antidote injector into his arm.

Naya quickly pushed herself away from her partner and took cover again, listening him gasp and cough in the middle of the hallway. She murmured a prayer and said: "Look, I know you don't like needles, but shooting at me was totally uncalled for."

The Time Lord groaned and propped himself against a wall. "I got spooked, okay?" he said between breaths. "I'm good now— but remember the last time I took the antidote? I got—"

"You got hyper, yeah," said Naya as she emerged from cover. "Oh boy. This day isn't getting any better, isn't it?"

"Getting more intense is what you mean, right?" said the Guardsman, marching back towards the hovercart with a spring in his step. "WOO! I FEEL ALIVE TODAY!"

Naya facepalmed. "Ancestors, give me strength."

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