Subject: The door behind them slammed shut, then seemed to melt into the wall, trapping them in the room.
Posted on: 2016-10-17 00:14:35 UTC

Welcome to our resting place,

Locked away from time and space.

We hope that you've lived on well,

Because now you're stuck in Hell!

The voices, which had started out as sweet and innocent, twisted into a snarl on the last line. The Roses all turned to face the Aviator and Zeb, drawing their wands. All of the Roses were now horribly mutilated, burnt all over, and some bore the marks of the deaths inflicted upon them by the agents. Each only had one, now, and it was impossible to tell what they had originally been, for now they were charred and flaky. The Roses advanced on the agents as the flames, which had made their way around the edges of the room, began to press inwards.

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