Subject: When the lights went out. . .
Posted on: 2016-10-18 17:10:17 UTC

Jack Riggs and the Detective turned slowly to face one another.

The silence was almost a sound of its own for a moment. One could've heard a pin drop. Both of them turned into the darkness of Medical, curtains drawn on one side of the bed, pale against the sudden shadows of the room.

"Nice place you have here," said the Detective drily.

Jack shushed him.

"Okay, guessing this doesn't happen often. . ." the Detective murmured to himself, raising his hands defensively when Jack shot a look at him.

Both were listening keenly. After another moment of the utter silence, the Detective's irritated squint became a thousand yard stare, and his face grew pale.

"Do you hear anything?" he said softly, still staring vacantly into the dark.

"Not a thing," Jack said, shifting back to a more comfortable position in his chair by the Detective's bedside. "Power outages happen on occasion, even in HQ. Someone's probably on their way to fix it."

The Detective rolled his eyes.

"Jack, what happens in a power outage? People freak, or at least get irritated. Often, people get scared. After all, most species have some fear of the dark," he said, plucking the IV from his arm, sitting up on his hospital bed and grabbing his coat from its edge.

"They're not wrong," said the hunter ruefully, raising an eyebrow before looking at the Detective. "So?"

"So. . . The irritated and the fearful aren't known for their vows of silence," he said, looking Jack dead in the eye.

"So why can you practically cut this one with a knife?"

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