Subject: "Got a knife?" Apecian asked the spider.
Posted on: 2016-10-18 23:38:46 UTC

"Apecian!" Michael cried, turning his attention to his partner.

"What?" the Homunculus asked, looking at the human.

"You can't be serious!" he protested. "You're seriously going to... to cut your head off and toss it to the spider?"

"Why not? I mean, I've been incinerated, drained by a vampire repeatedly, stabbed in various vital organs, crushed by falling object, been a falling object, and a couple other things I'm forgetting right now, and I've taken some of your wounds. What's a head more?" Apecian asked.

"I... you..."

"My head, your head, spider's head. You really want to get in a fight with the monster spider?" Neither of them were paying any attention to the monster while they were talking to each other.

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