Subject: Before the Detective could move. . .
Posted on: 2016-10-22 19:49:37 UTC

Jack had unholstered his sidearm, retracted the bolt, and fired- twelve times, by the Detective's count. Each bullet hit its mark, and Jack's expression didn't change once. His eyes were as dead as the little red-eyed creatures.

"Sorry, but I've seen this episode Scooby Doo before, and- no offense- I thought he was a p**** then."

The Detective just looked at Jack, raising an eyebrow and uncovering his ears- gunfire in a tight corridor wasn't quiet. "Why the hell did you bring your sidearm to medical?" he demanded.

"Hunter thing," said Jack with a shrug.

"Right," the Detective said, nodding. "Well, you could've at least brought my staser."

"Yeah," said Jack with a grin. "I could've. Now, you wanna stand around whining about how I stole your spotlight or you wanna keep walking?"

The Detective just grinned, and they walked on.

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