Subject: 'Something about this place seem different. boss?'
Posted on: 2016-10-17 07:47:54 UTC

Maz looked up at Yocherry. This was a larger task than it sounded, considering that one Yocherry was worth more than four Maz-es.

'Um. No? Yes? Um, what?'

'Something seems off,' Yocherry said, looking around, eyebrow raised.

'Yeah, dude?' Maz said, antennae standing with life. 'Like, uh, like it's all, um, I dunno, fake? Like the figment of a, um, delusional imagination, um, brought on by trauma? And then, uh, you're just about to, dude, wake up back home in, um, the Labyrinth and go on with your life?'


'With no talking flowers or humans, or, um, fanfiction, or, um, any of that?' Maz paused. 'No offence.'

'You know, boss,' Yocherry looked down to Maz, eyebrow still raised. 'That was close, but I was thinken more "spooky." Place looks "spooky."'

'Oh. Um. Yeah.' Maz, who had been raised in a damp, claustrophobic cave system, and had lived most of her life eating decaying matter and half-rotten corpses, actually thought it all looked quite charming.

'Pretty spooky, dude.'

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