Subject: The sound echoed through the silent corridors like a bullet.
Posted on: 2016-10-18 20:31:50 UTC

Maz stopped in her tracks.

'Dude, you, uh, hear that?'

Yocherry's walking had slowed down to a gentle padding. In the darkness, his glowing head-fungus was like a distant, fog-choked lamppost.

'Yeah, boss.'

'Um. Yeah.' Maz glanced left to right. 'So, uh.'

'It was a crack, boss,' Yocherry said, grinning at her. 'Gonna stop for every random noise, are we?'


'Whoa!' Yocherry exclaimed, freezing in his tracks. He turned around, further grinning at Maz. 'A footstep!'

'Shut up, dude.' She muttered bitterly, sending Yocherry into a giggling fit. 'But, um, dude. What cracked?'

Yocherry shrugged, stopping to let Maz catch up. 'Something broke, I expect.'

'Thanks, dude,' Maz said in a voice dry enough to host tumbleweeds and cacti.

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