Subject: "Im-impossible," Ajax said.
Posted on: 2016-10-16 21:20:30 UTC

He fell to his knees, and looked at the painting. She was smiling. That one smile that always seemed to say "I'm here. Everything is going to be okay."

"H-how?" He asked. "She was just here. Nothing was wrong. Nothing." He turned to the nurse, his blue eye glowing. "HOW?!" He yelled, a blue wave of energy erupting from his body. The flowers wilted, and all the medical supplies dissolved into water.

Levy couldn't move. She could see, but everything looked like it was a moving oil-painting. She could tell that it was a memorial, the flowers and the candles being a dead giveaway. She could see Ajax collapsed in front of her, his mouth moving. Apparently she couldn't hear either.

His blue eye flared to life, signifying the activation of his active skill, Double Attack Stance-Wt. He stood up, pivoting on his feet and setting the outer edge of the scythe blade on the Nurse's throat. She wanted to do something to tell him she was here. She wanted to tell him she was alive. She tried to focus.

The chain like detail on the frame of the oil-painting glowed blue, and another blue wave erupted from the painting. The Fire on the candles became water, and what little light there was became calm and inviting.

The Sacred Blue Chains

Ajax let out a sigh of relief. Bringing the scythe behind him, he prepared to swing to swing. "You have ten seconds to explain that."

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