Subject: "Okay, I'm going back out with the cameras.
Posted on: 2010-09-03 01:56:00 UTC

So don't throw anything at me if you can help it!" Elemarth shouted. The flames had burned themselves out - there wasn't much to burn around there - and after the bombs and hairspray, there seemed to be enough bot-less space immediately around the bunker that she could dare it. These bots didn't move that fast.

Elemarth had never been a daring person, but the PPC changed boarders as well as agents. She took out some of the cameras to have a lighter sack, then ran out from her cover.

There were dead bots disturbingly close to the bunker. She jumped over one and put up the first camera, hoping that the people on the roof would at least warn, if not cover, her if any bots came near. But the bombs must have kept them back for the moment. She dashed back to cover and looked around before going out again.

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