Subject: SttQ shot a glance
Posted on: 2010-10-15 22:27:00 UTC

over her shoulder. She could just discern the outline of a spambot as it stood framed in a doorway. It was facing them, surely, but... why wasn't it moving? Maybe it hadn't seen them yet.
Deciding the soup shop was a more urgent problem at the moment, she turned back towards it. Accustomed to the dark by now, she believed she saw something, and turned her eyes a little to the side, to make it out better. Hey, what... she thought. Oh... Oh God... What is that thing?

"What is that thing?" she whispered urgently to Galenfea.

Two, three... four fingers were curled around the edge of the door. They tightened on it and, slowly, slowly, the door inched open.

Even though there did not seem to be anything horrible about the fingers themselves, SttQ suddenly knew, from nothing other than atavistic instinct, that she and Galenfea must not see what kind of creature those fingers belonged to, if they wanted to keep their sanity. No, no, they had to...

The squeaking behind them started up again, and was rapidly coming closer, jolting SttQ into action.

"Run!" she screamed, half-hysterical with terror. "Galenfea, for the love of God, run!"

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