Subject: I'll start, just because nobody else probably will...
Posted on: 2010-08-31 14:53:00 UTC

Edward staggered into the bunker and slumped against the wall, breathing heavily. The bunker itself was breathtaking - it was on a similar scale to the Mines of Moria, albeit with a very low ceiling - but Edward was in no mood to be awed.

He poked his right side, and winced. The Spamtroll had only scored a glancing blow before the Nameless Admin had blasted it to smithereens, and it had been bandaged up, but it still hurt like bejeezus.

He looked around. A couple of the older Boarders were chatting quietly with eachother in the center of the room, but other than that, there was nothing but the enormous cement pillars that dotted the bunker.

That was a problem.

He dropped his pack and staggered to his feet. People needed to know what was going on, and it seemed like nobody else was going to tell them. Ignoring the other Boarders, he walked back out of the relative peace of the Message Board into the pure havoc that was the Posting Board.

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