Subject: Joining in for fun...
Posted on: 2010-08-31 17:52:00 UTC

Cassie arrived at a rather high speed, her Bag still not quite fastened from the rushed packing. Having received late word from outside the Posting Board that the invasion had begun, she'd barely taken the time to check the Board before making her escape, and had very narrowly avoided a blow from a Spambot in doing so.

Now, with a Bag stuffed with clothes, chocolate and her entire bookcase's contents (along with several other useful items that were no doubt in there somewhere), she skidded into the bunker in her usual haphazard fashion, looking as disorganised as physically possible.

"What'd I miss?" She narrowly avoided crashing into some of the others as she came to a halt. "Sorry! Just got the news - this is getting silly, huh? Every bloody summer. Is everyone okay?"

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