Subject: Checks Elemarth's stuff
Posted on: 2010-09-01 21:45:00 UTC

"That looks pretty good. And the fuses are exactly what I've coded them as, and if anything they tend to have longer than intended fuses. I figured it'd be better wondering why they haven't exploded yet, compared to being surprised by an early detonation." said Kyoki wryly. "And I'd heard from somebody that the Ypurs were bringing med supplies, so keep out of their way and leave them alone."

"Now that we're mostly set, let's make a circle of the bunker to check our camera coverage and clear out some bots. Eventually, I want to start demolishing some of the nearby empty buildings to make fortifications, and to lay down some kind of EMP field to give us some breathing space." said Kyoki while she gestured expansively.

"How's the connection process going?" asked Kyoki.

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